About My Blog

This blog will mainly deal with my journey as a college student to eat healthy and exercise, while still having fun and living a college life! I know most people struggle to avoid the ‘freshmen 15’ or the weight gain in general that is incorporated through the college lifestyle and budget. I actually lost weight when I came into college, part of it may have been due to me being anemic and the struggle to get healthy (see about me section), but I also started eating almost too healthy even though I know that sounds ironic or odd. That incorporated with exercising a lot left me underweight. I had gone through a point of binge eating due to the undereating and over-exercising, so now I am working to find and keep a healthy balance in life!

I love food and trying new foods, especially desserts! I have a huge passion for nutrition and exercise. For me, it’s a huge way for me to vent and relieve stress! I hope to major in business and someday do personal training/nutrition on the side or use my business degree to open a health resturant or something.


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