Car Captures Canine…with keys inside??

July 13, 2008

Ya, so could this morning have gotten any more random/crazy?!? Probably so, but I am so glad it didn’t! Let me just feel you in on how it all begin and you can laugh and make fun of me because I feel like a moron!

I am known to have trouble with keys. If you need a key lost, locked in something, or broken, then your best bet is to give it to me for a month or so and I will take care of it! So I woke up rather early this morning (8 am) considering it is a Sunday and I have no plans, so I technically could have slept in until whenever I wanted, but I hate feeling that I wasted the day. After my little binge eating feast I had last night, I really knew I needed a good workout to make myself feel better, so I went on a 5 mile run while it was still somewhat cool outside.

When I got back I checked my Iphone (don’t waste your money/time) because I tried to update it with my itunes last night to get some songs on there. I figure if I am paying for an expensive phone, I might as well get more use out of it than just using it to dial and text, because I could certainly do that a lot cheaper with another cell. Anyway, long story shorter, I completed deleted everything on my phone and we all know how service calls go…you stay on hold for an hour and still don’t get to speak to a person. So I decided I would go get my laptop from my house since I was at my parents. Paris, my dog, looked lonely and loves car rides so I figured why not take her too??

I turn the car and A/C on and get her in and shut the door with it running. My car decided to lock the doors and trap my dog inside my truck…WITH IT RUNNING. I am now freaking out because my house key is also in my truck! Luckily I found a hidden spare and get into the house to get my truck “clicker”, which won’t open the doors either with the keys in ignition…I have to find keys for my parents vehicle and drive 20 min to my house and back to get my spare. Luckily my dog is SUPER behaved and remained calm while locked inside…Ya, so I finally got my dog unlocked from my truck, managed to re-try it and actually make it to my house with both of us AND get my phone re-working…so at least it ended somewhat successful!I now know doors on my truck lock automatically no matter what! You think I would learn because this is DEFINATELY not the first time to lock keys in…but the first time with it running and my dog inside!

SInce my phone isn’t working right I have been unable to take any food pictures. Today eating is probably going to be a LITTLE lighter than normal just because of how much I ate yesterday I want to have a little of a “cleaner” day, but I don’t plan to change too much just because I know the best way to get back on track is to start with a fresh day and eat just like you normally would. I just plan to try to eliminate the extra sweets and stuff if possible since I had my fair share already!

So far… after my run I have had:

B: peanut butter and banana sandwich with blackberry jam

L: turkey, bacon, lettuce, dijion mustard, tomato pickle sandwich with baked chips and yogurt with strawberries.I plan to go to a bodypump weight class and then get a jamba juice afterwards for snack (been craving one for a while now!)

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!


Hello world!

July 13, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

This being my very first post and it being late at night I have already eaten for the day (even tho it wasn’t very healthy and im glad I dont have to post it today), I do hope to use this blog to keep track of my eating and find a balance with it and my exercise while maintaining my weight and building a healthy lifestyle. I hope to get any comments, opinions, suggestions, and make friends with others through this who also share the same passion of good food or a good sweat session to relieve stress!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!